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Install the whole Google Tool Suite and get $250 off.

LGet Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio in one hit and we will reduce the total by $250

New Google Algorithms have forced us to offer a new breed of SEO.

We’re also doing our bit to make SEO simpler, and more affordable.

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  • We aren’t con-artists, so we don’t guarantee traffic!
  • A traffic Guarantee is against Google’s guidelines
  • We are all playing in Google’s yard
  • We play by thier rule book
  • SEO best practice get’s results!

Google Tools and Services – Rely on the source of truth!


Search Console

Data Studio

Tag Manager

Site Kit

Business Plans

Choose a dynamic package tailored to your needs

Business Plans

Choose a dynamic package tailored to your needs

Search Labs – Your New Digital Marketing Agency!

Targeted Digital Search Traffic

The great thing about ORGANIC SEARCH TRAFFIC is that Google shows your site to those  looking for your product,  your service. We help pick and track the terms that are relevant to your site – then we rank them into space. Remember SEO has the highest conversion rate of all forms of traffic

Long Term ROI – keeps on giving

SEO is a process that is centered around prediction, monitoring and repetition, we call it a ‘Kaizen’ approach, we are also tracking a moving target. Incremental steps towards unobtainable perfection. Count the clicks for certain terms, and find the PPC value for those clicks – SEO is the cheapest form of traffic generation.

Digital Transparency

The very first thing we do, is set up your Google Search Console, and Google Analytics – this way any info we present comes straight from the horses mouth.You can validate it without us!

You get to see the ‘source of truth’ – we are also happy to explain what it means, and will help you to ‘tweak’ your site if you want to change direction.

Customised Solution

You are not the same as any other entity – So, let’s show Google why you are so awesome.
You must appeal to your audience. You must appeal to the search engine ( we aim for Google mostly, they set the bar)
We will show Google ‘Why’ you are the answer they are looking for.

Things to do first
These are free tools,
but they take time to set up.


It’s really easy to get ‘bamboozled’ in this industry, and there are a few things that you can do right at the start in order to protect yourself from this*

  1. Get the info from the source – Google is the source of Truth, if you own your data and then let an agency use it – then the likelihood of them fleecing you is greatly reduced.
  2. When you part ways, they don’t part with all of your data – this is the case we usually run into, we need to undo and then redo a clients tracking platforms.
  3. The 4 systems below cater to these issues. Even if we don’t work together in the long run, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get these set up!
  4. If an SEO company doesn’t know what these are, or doesn’t want to use them (With GA and GTM there are alternative processes that can provide the same data – but they are not free)

*We are not magic, sometimes a con artist will make their way through – but we do our best to empower you to spot the bad eggs.

Supercharge your Business with a Local SEO Agency

Organise your data, Make it universally accessible to Google
Make it useful to your customers

Show Google how to recommend your site – as the answer.

Avoid losing clicks to your competitors – these clients are looking for you!

Help Google show these customers where you are.

Customised Digital Solution

Customised Digital Solution

Massive Digital Traffic Increase

Valuable Digital Marketing Customer Insights

Pick Keywords and Crush your competitors

We should see which keywords they want

At we break SEO down into basic building blocks 

(like Duplo)
We explain exactly how to assemble your pages for success.

Get our proven processes, gain deep flow, a laser-like focus, reprogram your site so that RankBrain understands it and sends people your way. Melbourne doesn’t have many agencies that work in this way with their digital clients. We are unique.

Amazing SEO is not magic

It is Cause and Effect can show you how to implement the 80/20 rule.
How to work on what matters

SO… WHAT IS SEO? (not just from a digital marketing agency perspective)
SEO is making sure you are found when people look for you – or someone like you, or your competition. (from your perspective)
It is turning that traffic into cash – people that want what you have – will pay when they find it.
SEO – Is optimising your site, it’s structure, it’s content, it’s income –
so that a search engine can read it and understand it
so that 
it can recommend your site
to someone that is looking for you –
or your products
or services.

SEO is content marketing done right! 

What People Are Saying About Search Labs

People say good things about us as digital marketing consultants

Jake and Ev, went above and beyond their scope. They identified the causes of the issues we were having and provided clear guidance and assistance to remedy the problem. They took a very practical approach considering both our time and budget. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am very grateful for their guidance in avoiding what could have been a minor disaster.

Vick Pillay

MD & Co-Founder, MindTribes Pty Ltd

Jake and Ev have a really good handle on SEO and I would highly recommend working with them for support in optimising and improving your presence in search engines.

Steve de Niese

Founding Director, Assemblo

We hired Search Labs to do an SEO audit, a keyword analysis, and some general consulting for us.

After implementing their recommendations, our search volume and traffic quickly more than doubled, and it has continued to surge upward pretty consistently over the past six months. I think our lowest day now is higher than the best day we’d ever had before hiring them.

On top of being professionals who really know what they are doing, they’re great people to work with. You can tell that they have a real passion for solving SEO puzzles, and it shows in their results.

If you can work with people who will do an awesome job AND really enjoy giving your business a boost, why would you hire anyone else?

Adam Weiss

Founder/Head Video Producer,

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