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Who are we?

We are the bees knees – that’s who we are!

2 fellas that are obsessed with ranking you, if you do the things we say!
We actually do that though, if you follow our instructions!


Proudly partnering with…

Both Jake and Everhardt have been in the SEO game for a while.

We both live locally, and serve clients locally – now our client base does go overseas, it’s strange – Jake always seems to work with international clients, and Everhardt almost always works with Australian owned entities.

That is strange because Jake is as Australian as they come, born and bred. Ev though, he’s been all over the show.

Both have done time on the corporate circuit, Ev still works with Corporate Clients. 

Again though, Jake does the GMB local SEO.
Both are in it to win it. 

You probably won’t hear much about us from other SEO’s and that is because we try to keep a low profile. Most of the time our clients play a big game – and attention from another marketing agency is not what they want.

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