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Split test your site with Google Optimize

Build web expereinces that delight?

Learn which version of a page is the one people love – learn from that – make more of that!

Remember, people come to your website with their eyes, the same way they would visit your store, or your office in real-life 

Use Optimize to build landing pages that are engaging and delightful, every page has a purpose, but the best pages serve their purpose. Use Optimize to find that purpose and serve it better than your competitors.

Test different versions of pages

Once we have Optimize set up, and its humming – then you can easily set up and run tests on your website – this way you can learn what works best for your visitors, These include:

  • A/B Tests
  • Redirect Tests
  • Multivariate Tests

Create a bespoke experience

People love a delightful experience, when your content just seems to match what they want. With Optimize you can create a bespoke experience for each ‘type’ of searcher.  

Let your visitors create the data that guides you to create a better website

Optimize ties into Google Analytics, it lets you understand you visitors, and it lets you create an experience that suits the searcher – drive a more rewarding experience.

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