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New Google Site Kit integration for WordPress!

Now you can see all the things that matter from within WordPress – If this is your home base.

Google Site Kit, it’s another platform that ties your data together

Once installed it helps bring it all together – we use it to link Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

This tool speeds up the whole process, learn faster, turn on a dime when the industry changes.

Google Search Console – Used to measure how your site is performing in Organic Search

Google Analytics – This let’s you figure out how users are finding and engaging with your site, it also let’s you see how they flow through the site.

PageSpeed Insights – We use this tool, but combine it with others, it gives you hints on how to ‘make, go, faster’

Google AdSense – Earn some money from your content.    

Setting it up in 3 steps, easy, peasy lemon squeezy

  1. Verify your site ownership
  2. Allow your site to access your Google Analytics account
  3. Set up your Google Search Console

Set Milestones

We will help you to set up some milestones, we will also set up triggers to notify you when those milestones have been hit. This is one of the ways in which we can calculate your ‘site velocity’ 

Site Kit does much of what Data Studio does, but only for this one site

Site Kit is great, but it is limited to this one site.

That might not be a problem, we can discuss the PRO’s and CON’s later

Google Tools and Services – Rely on the source of truth!


Search Console

Data Studio

Tag Manager

Site Kit

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