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The Tools Of The Trade

If you want to be found, you want to use these tools!

Organic Search takes time – its not instant like paid marketing

  • We look at what Google wants
  • We then change your content
  • We then teach Google
  • Google figures it out
  • Google recommends you!


  1. Free Usage after installation
  2. Automated data collection
  3. User Data Reporting
  4. User Demographics
  5. Platform Data
  6. Content Data
  7. Goal Objectives
  8. The source of Truth when it comes to your own site visitors

Data Studio

  1. Free Usage after installation
  2. Provides queries you ranking for
  3. Provides data advising ‘What does Google thinks you are’
  4. Advises Which pages get clicks
  5. Advises Which pages get impressions
  6. Provides Messages and Manual Action notifications from Google

Tag Manager

  1. Can speed up page load time
  2. Works with non Google products
  3. Excellent for testing products without changing site code
  4. Put 3rd party code in one place
  5. Debug Mode
  6. Allows you to add and remove code without having to repeatedly access your site

Site Kit

  1. Easily understand stats directly on your WordPress dashboard
  2. Official stats from multiple Google tools
  3. Quick setup for multiple Google tools without having to edit the source code of your site
  4. Metrics for your entire site
  5. Easy-to-manage, granular permissions across WordPress and different Google products

Data Studio

  1. Customisable 
  2. Multiple Data Sources
  3. Dynamic and Transformable
  4. Pulls data from the ‘source of truth’
  5. Client can see live data
  6. Real time filtering


  1. Google’s own ‘Split testing’ platform
  2. Make small changes to one variant of a page
  3. See which variant works best
  4. Constantly Optimise your site
  5. Make the most relevant option the default option
  6. Free Google Tools for small business 

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Google provides the tools you need

Organise your data, Make it universally accessible to Google
Make it useful to your customers – this is what Google does, and this is what we do – for you, and for Google

This video describes the reason for using these tools as an unstoppable force.

There are 2 paths
  1. Find out what people are looking for and then make that content.
  2. Make content, then optimise it to match what people are looking for.
User Google tools to teach Google what you are

Google needs to ‘parse’ data – and it seems to do this by grouping terms and mathching those terms to queries

Valuable Digital Marketing Customer Insights

Use the tools to figure out who the searcher is, and also, which terms they use to find you.

Get The Visitor Numbers You Need / Deserve

how many clicks do you need?