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Google Search Console

Free insights from Google, but Google only starts recording them for you –
When you request it!

This isn’t something that install on your site.

You prove ownership of your website –
To Google.
Then –


 Google will then start recording search related stats about the terms used to find your site.

You can then access this data – and change directions or optimise the content you have to increase the number of visitors you get to your website.

What is Google Search Console?

Google offers a free service by the name of Google Search Console.

It helps you to maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot your site, it’s presence in Google Search results as well as the ‘question asked’ or ‘query’ that led the searcher to your site. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be listed  in the Google ‘Search Engine Results Page’ (SERP), but this free and incredibly powerful service helps you to understand and improve how Google sees your site. 

GSC (Google Search Console) also allows you to understand how searchers are finding you – if you impliment this free feature, you will already be miles ahead of 90% of your competitors.


Because this isn’t easy, it is time consuming and you need to learn about the ways in which people search.

The Google Search Console Service offers tools and reports that can help with the following actions:

  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site. (Super Important)
  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content. (Also, Very Very Important)
  • See Organic Google Search traffic data for the PUBLIC facing parts of your site including but not limited to:
  • How often your site appears in Google Search,
  • Which search queries (questions) show your site as a result,
  • How often searchers click through for each of those queries.
  • Google will send messages to GSC when it encounters indexing, spam, or other issues (For your site).
  • Show you which sites link to your website (Not all, but the links that matter – we have other tools that give a broader view, but this is valuable if you are working the free rout) .
  • Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features.

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