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Our Mission:

Organise your information.

Make it universally accessible to Google

Make it usefull to your customers.

Show Google how to recommend your site as the answer.

Avoide losing clicks to your competitors, when they are looking for you!

Click the link and we will show you how to get FREE GOOGLE insights about your site, and the way people find it!

At we break SEO down into basic building blocks (like Duplo)
We explain exactly how to assemble your pages for success.

Get our proven processes, gain deep flow, a laser-like focus, reprogram your site so that RankBrain understands it and sends people your way.

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Amazing SEO is not magic.

It is cause.

and effect. can show you how to implement the 80/20 rule.
How to work on what matters

If you have a Business Analyst onboard they will smile when you mention this.

2 SEO consultants from Melbourne that explain how this works.


SEO is making sure you are found when people look for you – or someone like you, or your competition.

Then turning that traffic into cash – people that want what you have – will pay when they find it.

SEO – Is optimising your site,

it’s structure, 

it’s content –

so that a search engine can read it
and understand it
so that 
it can recommend your site
to someone that is looking for you –
or your products
or services.

We use Google for everything, we use maps to get around, YouTube for entertainment, and we use Google itself to find what we want and what we need.

We know that Google works, because everyone uses Google – that and Google shows us why the result that it has returned is relevant to our search.

Your problem isn’t getting traffic to your site (OK, it might be some of that too) – Your problem is getting people that want what you have, to find what they need.

You can’t sell (this thing) if nobody can find your website when they search for (this thing) – This is what we do, we teach Google, that you are all about (this thing)

Search Labs provides flexible, personalised tools and training to help you gain unparalleled data and insights.

We implement re-targeting practices that means you only spend marketing budget wisely.

We build a LIVE dashboard, that ties into your customer bahaviour.


  • Search Labs provides flexible, personalised tools and training to help you gain unparalleled data and insights.
  • We implement re-targeting practices that means you only spend marketing budget wisely.
  • We build a LIVE dashboard, that ties into your customer bahaviour.


Experienced Search Consultants That Put YOU in Control.

Because you run a tight ship!

We don’t play, we take this seriously and we are tenacious with the terms we want to rank. Aiming high is the only kind of AIMING WE DO.

Experience a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of useful communication and insight.





65% of searchers click on the top 3 results

First – Does your company have a website?

Your website should act as an employee that finds clients and leads

As far as Google is concerned….
Your business needs to be the answer to a question!
The solution to a problem!
Every page needs to serve a purpose!

Good SEO is the art of understanding both the questions being asked as well as how Google sees your website – how Google interprets the answer.

If you can master these three things climbing to the first page of Google becomes easy!

There are some things that NO ONE knows about Google
This is what our Melbourne SEO clients have to say about us…

Jake and Ev, went above and beyond their scope. They identified the causes of the issues we were having and provided clear guidance and assistance to remedy the problem. They took a very practical approach considering both our time and budget. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am very grateful for their guidance in avoiding what could have been a minor disaster.

Vick Pillay

MD & Co-Founder, MindTribes Pty Ltd

Jake and Ev have a really good handle on SEO and I would highly recommend working with them for support in optimising and improving your presence in search engines.

Steve de Niese

Founding Director, Assemblo

We hired Search Labs to do an SEO audit, a keyword analysis, and some general consulting for us.

After implementing their recommendations, our search volume and traffic quickly more than doubled, and it has continued to surge upward pretty consistently over the past six months. I think our lowest day now is higher than the best day we’d ever had before hiring them.

On top of being professionals who really know what they are doing, they’re great people to work with. You can tell that they have a real passion for solving SEO puzzles, and it shows in their results.

If you can work with people who will do an awesome job AND really enjoy giving your business a boost, why would you hire anyone else?

Adam Weiss

Founder/Head Video Producer,

We help businesses define who they are

99% of the businesses we consult to feed on shiny new objects and vanity noisy social media metrics – likes, views etc. They are distracted from the ball, their plans rarely exceed this month. The are so confused about what to do, that they try do everything, hoping to cover all the bases that they do not yet understand. They see SEO and the web as a giant contradictory tangled knot of chaos that doesn’t care for their brand, or message.

Make it rain!

I would guess that only 1% of businesses using SEO – are actually using SEO.
The aim of the game isn’t to trick Google, it is to educate Google, so that Google can recommend your website as the answer to a question.

You won’t find our processes on social media, our recommendations are deliberate and scientific – We teach businesses how to see the path.

How SEO Works will provide everything you need to be successful in organic search.
We provide an environment and all the relevant correlations that lead to an increase in organic traffic.

Our Proven SEO Methodology

Search Labs is living on the edge of SEO – we create a tool that ties directly into your Google Search Console, and we teach you how to read what Google says – because Google tells you what it needs and wants.

Technical Review

We will analyse and advise on any technical issues that you need to address. If these are left unfixed then any effort we put towwards ranking you. 

A flexible solution

Search Labs provides flexible, personalised tools and training to help you gain unparalleled data and insights.

We implement re-targeting practices that means you only spend marketing budget wisely.


Always willing to chat

We know that even when things are going well, there is still room to level up, and we want to talk to you, if that is what you want to do. Search Labs wants to level up ASAP.


Some questions Melbourne digital marketing professionals have asked:

What is Search Engine Optimisation

There are so many places that all pitch the same definition, which is : Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that results in an increase in both the quality and quantity of website traffic acheived through increased visibility of a website or a web page to users of a Search Engine (Like Google). SEO refers to the improvement of ‘unpaid’ or ‘Organic’ search results, the definition does not include direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of paid search result placement.

How does Google see my site?

Well, first Google needs to find your site – usually it is discovered (eventually) but the way in which you are found is that Google follows a link from elsewhere to your site, and the word (that makes up the link) known as an anchor text is the first description to Google, relating to ‘what this page is about’. Google have advised that the most benificial way to audit your site, as though it were being crawled by Google, would be top view the page via an assistive device like a screen reader.

What is SEO strategy

How to build an SEO strategySEO strategy, essentially the process of organizing your website / webpage content by theme or topic. Sometimes this is referred to as a series of concept silo’s. Concept Silos help search engines like Google parse user intent when searching. This in turn assists Google with recommending your content as the answer to their question.

How should I select my keywords?

No matter how many times Google updates its search algorithms one thing is always going to be true. The search giants main aim is to bring value to it’s users and provide the best possible answer to their question.

By understanding Google’s goals the keyword selection and implementation becomes significantly easier.

Whether you’re a do it yourself kind of SEO or have a team of digital ninjas on the job 24/7 the role of the SEO in keyword selection is simple. You need to understand:

  • How your target market are searching
  • How frequently they are searching
  • The queries they are actually using
  • The intent behind these queries

In order to select the right keywords that will drive more conversions on your website you need to fully understanding how your target audience ask the question, the volume of their searches and where the query is situated with regards to their buyers journey.

What is position 1 worth?

There are a couple of different ways that the value of a particular keyword in a particular position can be calculated.

By far the most common way to calculate the value of a keyword position is by calculating the value of the sales you could realistically derive from it. This method takes the form of the following equation:

Keyword value = (impressions per month/click through rate)*(conversion rate*average customer lifetime value)

Say you’re a dentist in Melbourne’s CBD. tells us that there are roughly 1,600 searches per month for “dentist melbourne cbd” and we know that statistically, about 35% of searchers will click on the 1st organic result. If our dentist client has a website that is properly optimised for conversion then a conversion rate of roughly 5% is pretty normal. Last but not least, the dentist knows that his average lifetime value for a client with a sore tooth is about $920.

Keyword value = (1600*(35/100))*((5/100)*920)

So for our dentist, first position in Google SERP for “dentist melbourne cbd” should bring in $25,760 of business per month!

As with any calculation the “rubbish in rubbish out” rule applies here and these keyword values can only be taken as correct if all of all inputs in to the equation are properly measured, checked and double checked.

At the end of the day it is your sites ability to convert your visitors in to leads and sales that will ultimately dictate the value of a particular keyword. In virtually every case we recommend that your search engine optimisation campaign be combined with the thorough conversion optimisation of your landing pages in order to maximise the return on your search marketing spend.

How long does it take to get to page 1?

The short answer: About 12 months.

The real answer: It depends.

The time taken to climb the search rankings and get your website on to page one depends on a range of variables including but not limited to:

  • How unique is your product or brand?
  • How much control do you have over your website and it’s content.
  • How competitive is your niche?
  • How much time, money and effort are your competitors putting in to their search marketing efforts?

In our experiance though:

Months 1-2 is building the foundations uppon which the SEO campaign can be built. On page optimisation including load speed, schema, page titles, URL structures, etc. This is the grind that makes sure your later SEO efforts are a success. You will be doing SEO but be prepaired to not se any real movements in the rankings.

Months 3-4 is content time (the SEO meat and pottatoes). New pages will be created, blogs written, FAQ’s answered and your site should start looking a whole lot better to prospective clients AND to Google! You will see yourself getting indexed for new keywords but will still probably be off the front pages.

Months 5-6 Your excellent content planning and creation in months 3-4 should be paying off but don’t stop now! You should be planning press releases and starting to seriously consider your backlink profile. More content on top of content. The pros amongst us will be looking to leverage their social media accounts to supercharge their content and draw more visitors to their site. By the end of month 6 you will start to see som serious gains in he search engine rankings. Whilst not on page one you will have established a nice rate of climb and will be well on your way.

Months 6-12 Now that your website is a well oiled ranking machine, it takes less effort to keep your momentum up. The latter months of a SEO campaign are a time of tweaking, finessing and CRUSHING YOUR COMPETITION! The content creation continues, the social outreach is turned up to 11 and your new found traffic volumes make it even easier for you to attain new ranking highs. Hopefully by now your management has seen suficient gains to justify your SEO spend and has green light you for even more domination. Month 6-12 is an ideal time to focus on your websites UX and conversion optimisation so you can turn even more of those juicy visitors in to paying customers!

How many keywords should I target?

As a rule of thumb, each page on your website should have 1 target keyword. Naturally a well optimised page with a good volume of text should perform well for a range of keywords, from our experience though, if you are in a highly competitive niche and are really trying to get every ounce of performance out of the page then focusing your efforts on one target keyword per page is the best way to go.

Got 8 high traffic, high competition keywords you are chasing? Then creating a dedicated page for each of them with it’s own unique content (content that aims to satisfy the intent behind that keyword) is going to be the fastest road to ranking success.

At a site level we generally suggest a minimum of 5 target keywords.

How should I track keyword ranking?

Keywrod rank tracking was all the rage in 2012 – don’t get me wrong, it still serves a purpose, but it is a lower purpose than it served in the past. We now look at query intent, and the positions of individual keyword are less important than the terms we rank for, or the queries that were asked of Google, and simultaniously where Google recommended our content as the answer – ask about our Search Console and Data Studio packages to get a better grip of this. 

One last thing – Reputation Management! – We can help, feel free to reach out!


If you or your client exists online in a way you do not like, contact us and we will start ‘removing’ them from the SERP. Once the down trend starts, it usually doesn’t slow down. 

So if you need some Reputation Management issues, let us know and we will show you how we can help.

Let’s talk about where you want your website and reputation to be.

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