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Comprehensive Reporting

These reports let you see why people are going to your competitors.We also provide correlative reports that tell you what is correlated with reaching a higher rank

Reports fall into ONE of THREE catagories – they are either:

  1. Planning Reports

  2. Tracking Reports

  3. Stacking / Ranking Reports

Planning – this is where we stalk your competitors – We stalk the top dogs! 

A lot of companies spend a lot of money to get to where they are – they spend on marketing research, and they spend time breaking down the numbers. We try to save time by reverse engineering their good work. If we can figure out which prize they have their eye on, and its a prize worth chasing then we let you know, and we let you know with the numbers. We will show you why this prize is the one they are chasing.  

Tracking – Tracking is reporting that shows you how you are doing.

Every change we make, creates ripples on the internet, we track and report on those ripples. Is a keyword creating traffic? Is a keyword shifting position, and how are your competitors responding?

With the output from these reports we will amend, wash and adjust the goals we wish to chase.

Stacking / Ranking – These reports are the most valuable to a client

We look at 2 types of correlation reports, depending on your budget and the effort required. The first gives a basic list of ‘to-do’ items – the second goes deep, we drill into you and your competitors and we go 100 positions deep. We tell you exactly what you need to do. 

You need 1x this word, in the first 100 words. etc.

Once we get the recommendations form these reports implemented, then we start playing with the order of your site in Google’s stack.

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